Simplifying Happy Healthy Family Lifestyle

Hi this is Lydiana from!  😆

Our desire for any parent landing here is that they will find wellness motivation, encouragement, tips and knowledge that will help them personally and their family grow towards more and more healthy. 


If you are a parent, one of the most important things for you is the health and happiness of your family and then just keeping it simple! There are so many ideas and opinions often even conflicting research at our finger tips, right?


Here you will get simple tips, recipes, and info about happy healthy family living and how to keep it simple so you’re not overwhelmed. 


Take it always one step at a time. One new subject at a time. Don’t try to reach perfection. That is not the goal here. The goal of this blog is to help you on your journey and to help you get closer and closer to your goals of a happy and healthy family.


I’m a health enthusiast and DIY’er. I’m always learning from my own experience and results and reading about health. But ultimately I narrow it down to this:

  1. EAT MORE whole food
  2. EAT LESS processed food.
  3. Avoid the latest fad and diets.
  4. Opt in for this timeless proven method to be and stay healthy: Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


So, that’s what we’re about here. Simplifying health and wellness for families. It doesn’t have to be complicated! Tricky at times especially since even our whole foods are getting high-jacked by the GMO movement.


But I like to keep it happy around here. I focus on what we can today, at home to stay on the healthy family track.


To get a little more personal, my health journey actually started with essential oils. I fell in love with the idea that you can take care of yourself, that you aren’t helpless where you are. Your body is a healing machine.


A little about us:

Isaac and I married in 2010. We have three wonderful and amazing kids. They drive us crazy and amaze us at the same time.

Isaac had some pretty serious food intolerance. I began on a journey to find the best diet for him. And to this day that is still a big part of how we eat.

Our oldest son had respiratory issues from the get. It really became a problem after he turned a year old. We were in and out of the hospital for a while. It was through that time that I really learned how powerful whole food nutrition really is and that is what I share here. 


Life is about the journey and cultivating a happy healthy family is a huge part of this life journey.


Happy health living!!!